• Computer Repair and Technical Support: We provide on-site computer services for home users and small businesses at very affordable rate. We visit your site, and repair your computer.

    Viruses Removal: Slow computers often have Spyware. We find that 95% of computers have some sort of spyware that degrades their performance, creates annoying pop-up ads, or threatens security. We clean the spyware and viruses from your computer and install software to defend against future threats.

    Data Migration and Back-up: Over half of Internet users have lost computer files and two thirds of them never recovered their data. A data backup plan is crucial to your business. In the event of an emergency, is your data protected?

    System Rebuilds: Sometimes it is just better to start over. System rebuilds include:
    reinstallation of the operating system,
    download and installation of current drivers and
    install critical updates.

    Hardware Upgrades and Installation: Sometimes adding memory or a new audio or graphics card can make a world of difference. We can install and test your new component so you can enjoy it more quickly.

    Installation of wireless and wired networks: can take up a considerable amount of your valuable time. We employ the latest security and encryption technology and specialize in high-speed 802.11g Wi-Fi networking.

    Maintenance: Regular maintenance is vital to insure top performance and a long life for your PC.
  • Our periodical maintenance program includes:
    Removal of temporary files to free up hard drive space
    Scan for viruses and spyware
    Defragmentation of hard drive
    Obtain operating system software updates